Dear colleagues,

 The pacifist platform "¡Basta Ya!" has announced a silence demonstration on 23rd September in San Sebastián's famous Bulevar based on the slogan mentioned on the head (Let's defend what join us together"). One of the platform's members, Fernando Savater, invites the rest of the Spanish citizens to support the cause through his article titled "Perdonen las molestias" ("We are sorry for the inconvenience"), published last Sunday on the newspaper El País. Here is translated the most significant words:

"By attending the demonstration we do not want to violate those laws [Statute and Constitution], at least, no more than what an injured pedestrian violates the traffic code on the pedestrian area. Nor we want to impress ETA and its supporters, neither trying to convince other less violent but equally unyielding nationalists. We only want to show that there are people in the Basque country able to go out to street not only to deplore or condemn criminal actions but to explicitly support the institutional framework of our Spanish democracy, within which it is possible to live in peace with different plans of future. We want to be citizens -not a tribe nor a horde- and we want to be citizens accompanied by compatriots from all over the State who join the anti-totalitarian fight. It is worth mentioning that nationalist myths ("Basque people do not want anyone to get involved in their business") are accepted precisely by those who are not nationalists. Short time ago, I met a popular humorist in Madrid -an excellent and committed person- who attended a demonstration against battered women and told me: "Listen, I would like to join your cause but as I am not Basque....". I remembered him that he was not a battered woman and invite him to join us next time we attend a demonstration in Euskadi.

You all will be welcome: writers, artists, teachers, journalists, people from cinema, theatre, sportsmen and sportswomen, cooks… and, of course, the rest of the people of peace. It is not a question of mass since the democracy is sized not on the street but in the ballot boxes. What matters here is the social representation (and now I address my query to well-known people): people who read your books, listen your speeches and songs is people who admire you and they want to feel your support when facing those who terrify them. It is not time to big subtle. Be they greyhounds or hounds, I assure you that they bite. I know I am not offering you a summer party, nor the release of a show where everyone want to be pictured at. I invite you to a big mess, maybe with certain risk involved. My favourite epiphany in these cases is that of Willie Brandt: "He took the trouble". On 23rd September in San Sebastián, some of us are going to took that trouble and we would like you to join us to share it" .

We only want to add that we have organised a trip by bus -free of any charge- which will leave tomorrow Saturday from the University of Alicante. We will return as soon as the demonstration is ended. It is not a trip of pleasure, but we only have this at the moment. Since there are only 50 places available, if you are interested, we recommend you to book your place via e-mail at the following addresses:

 Evaristo Colomina (ext. 3657), email

 Alfonso Cano (ext. 3585), email
 The trip will be closed on Friday at 12:00.

 Waiting for your participation, 

Best regards.

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