The University of Alicante Campus is regarded as one of the best European campuses. We offer you the chance to enter the following links to know it better. 

  • Buildings and Architecture (under construction). This link represents one of the best ways of getting to know the architecture and landscape design of our University Campus. It offers information on the projects, architects, buildings...and provides technical information which both professionals and students of architecture and design will find especially interesting.

  • Campus Design Guides. The design and construction of the whole University of Alicante Campus in San Vicente del Raspeig has been carried out according to a carefully designed methodology following the guidelines set out below:
    • Philosophy. All the works related to the campus philosophy and technical methodology are currently being compiled for their inclusion here. Meanwhile, the following materials are already available: a brief paper by President Andrés Pedreño, written in 1994 to explain the philosophy behind the planning and design of the Campus: Planteamiento Urbanístico de un campus: Universidad de Alicante . A chapter from Prof. Pedreño's books Universidad: utopías y realidades (University: Utopias and Realities ) further describes the development of the campus: Capitulo III: El desarrollo de un campus (The Development of a Campus), and was used to accompany attractive graphic material in 1999/98 University Annual Report. 
    •  Guides to the Campus Design (under construction). All the plans featured in the Campus Design Guides and later applied to the campus will soon be available here. Although a flexible approach was applied when using the guides, the methodology described within them has proved to be crucial to the final result.
    • Guides to the Design of UAPARC . These guides reflect the methodology applied to UAPARC with 42 plans illustrating different areas of design.
  • Background. This section contains several interesting reports and other documents and material related to the campus design.
  • Awards and references in specialized journals. All references in specialized journals as well as awards, honourable mentions and further acknowledgements for our campus and architecture will be collected here.
  • Land-Art and Landscape are some of the initiatives reflected in this section. All virtual visitors are advised to sit comfortably.
    • Campus flowers. A unique exhibition of what the four seasons offer as far as flowers are concerned.
    • Cactus . The number of species of cacti on the campus gets progressively larger.
    • Campaign for the Stone. This campaign was designed to complement the Campaign for tree preservation
    • Fauna. The fauna on the campus is steadily increasing as a result of the reforestation carried out over the past years. The colony of birds is also spectacular. We have detected herons visiting our ducks, in the Bosque Ilustrado, in the early hours of the morning. We are also looking for some squirrels to join the hedgehogs, rabbits, frogs, turtles and numerous fish in our lake. Any donations of photos of the fauna found on-campus for this album are welcome. Please, send them here .
    • Vegetation. This link contains some of the campus's rarestspecies. Many of the specimens come from the donation for the Campaign for tree preservation.
  • Campus sculptures.   The campus is gradually becoming decorated with works from outstanding sculptors. As it the case with this sculpture of Arcadio Blasco's work, dedicated to the pioneers who worked towards the creation of our University. The Huge Hand from Pepe Díaz Azorín is a homage to the University of Orihuela (1569-1824), reminding us of the efforts and desires of teachers and scholars from centuries ago. Espai de llum, our treasured columns, built prior to the ones at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, by Andreu Alfaro. Don't forget that some of the best sculptures on the campus are the buildings themselves. And finally our University museum which is also a work of art.
  • Embassies. We have also embassies where we dedicate small areas to nearby towns or places further afield. For instance, Pinoso, famous for its famous marble. Elche , evoking our Archaeological Foundation and the well-known Dama de Elche or Europe, next to the Paraninfo. We will soon be adding embassies of other neighbouring towns or institutions, such as the Olympic Monument
  • Photo Album This album collects all the previously mentioned pictures as well as pictures of all the campus buildings. Remember that all of them can be sent as postcards.
  • Volunteer and awareness projects: 
    • Green Office .   Our students are very "green. This Office illustrates some of the activities they do to preserve the environment, such as the below mentioned Campaign to preserve the trees.
    • Donate a Tree campaign. More than 2.000 trees have been donated since this campaign was launched in 1994 with the gift of a sequoia from His Majesty the King Juan Carlos I.
    • Bici-Campus Any outstanding campus is not complete without bicycles: the best aesthetical and environmental element for a healthy life free of noise and pollution. Miguel Indurain and Perico Delgado collaborated in the first steps of this project and the University has requested a special bike lane from Alicante. We provide bike parking , routes from the beach to the campus and even the security guards cycle around the campus giving away cycle-clips to on-campus bike users.
  • Videos and Webcam
    • University of Alicante Audio visual archive . The best images from our campus can be seen through the Internet if you have downloaded the recommended software. Click here and see the university  institutional video. More videos are being prepared, such as Natura ( videos showing a bird's-eye-view of the campus).
    • Sound and Image Workshop Beautiful images from the campus recorded through the campus programme.

  • Services
    • Gardening . Excellent gardening team led by José Luis Romeu
    • Maintenance . You can also tell us how is this service working and e-mail us if you see anything wrong.
    • Planning and projects . The University of Alicante's Technical and Planning Office is currently under construction. 
    • Sewage Treatment Plant . Thanks to the active collaboration of the Institute for  Water Management and Environment, a new step is carried out, that is the project of an "Water Integral Cycle" already available in the Desalination Treatment Plant, efficiently contributing to reduce water consumption.
    • Information and Cartography System The University of Alicante has available one of the best interactive cartographical information systems: Maps of the campus, buildings and how to get the campus is possible from here..
    • Disabled A web site to provide information on the campus facilities for disabled people.
    • Sign posting. Now you cannot get lost in our campus.
    • Further services All the services available at the campus.
  • How to visit the campus 
  • Suggestions Everything is welcome to help us improve our campus!! 
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