Research background
I work in the very broad research field of condensed matter theory. I am particularly interested in the magnetic properties of systems with reduced dimensionality and in the manipulation of these properties by means of electrical fields and currents as well as  laser excitation. 

My research projects are related to the development of alternate strategies  to make electronic devices more efficient: spintronics  and molecular electronicss.  These require the understanding of electrical transport at the atomic level and involve the study of very exciting  phenomena that arise from the interplay between electronic correlation and quantum coherence.

I am interested in the electronic structure of a variety of materials, going from magnetic insulators like NiO, magnetic semiconductors like GaMnAs,  magnetic metals like Ni,  and spintronic properties of semimetals like Graphene.  Whereas mots of materials have 3 dimensional structure, graphene being an exception,  artificial nanostructures of zero dimensions (dots), 1 dimension (wires and ribbons), 2 dimensions (quantum wells) result permit to tune the electronic properties of bulk materials, resulting in new physical phenomena. This broad field is known as nanoelectronics.