Universidad de Alicante
Fisica Aplicada

Laboratorio de Bajas Temperaturas y
Sistemas Nanometricos de Alicante
NanoPhysics Group
Aplied Physics Department
Universidad de Alicante

We have developed through time some programs and procedures that may be helpfull to you. You can use these free of charge. If you find these usefull, please just follow the instructions on how to thank us for each case.
To download Click on the name of the program or procedure. To read the instructions, relase notes or to thank, click on the notes.

Name Version Notes
HiTim 7.10.2 (2007) HiTim.txt
DeLen (2003) DeLen.txt

Name Date Notes
Teraces on Gold (111) (2007) gold111.txt
Electro etching of a gold wire (2007) ElectAu.txt
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